Limestone Pitching Tools

1-1/2in Blade (38mm) with 7/8in Stock- $68
AHOL78112 -
1-1/2in Blade (38mm) with 7/8in Stock- $68
AHOL782 -
2in Blade (51mm) with 7/8in Stock- $72
AHOL78212 -
2-1/2in Blade (64mm) with 7/8in Stock- $77
Engraving? + $8
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Product Description

Similar to our offset hand sets but with a finer taper and thinner blade that offer a greater degree of control when trimming or shaping limestone and other softer types of stone. Its blade is offset to one side of the tool so the working edge of the blade is inline with the handle. Its steel blade is hardened for increased durability.

Product Features
  • Hardened Steel Blade
  • Fine Taper for enhanced degree of control 
  • 7/8in Stock
  • 1-1/2in to 2-1/2in Blade Widths
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