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Carbide Roughing Chisels

1/2in (13mm) ROUGHING Blade- $56
CC1212R12 -
1/2in (13mm) ROUGHING Blade- $56
CC5812R58 -
5/8in (16mm) ROUGHING Blade- $59
CC3412R34 -
3/4in (19mm) ROUGHING Blade- $65
CF5812R1 -
1in (25mm) ROUGHING Blade- $68
CF5812R114 -
1-1/4in (32mm) ROUGHING Blade- $71
CC5858R58 -
5/8in (16mm) ROUGHING Blade (FOR 1-1/4in PISTON AIR-HAMMER ONLY)- $59
CF5858R1 -
1in (25mm) ROUGHING Blade (FOR 1-1/4in PISTON AIR-HAMMER ONLY)- $68
CF5858R114 -
1-1/4in (32mm) ROUGHING Blade (For 1-1/4in PISTON AIR-HAMMER ONLY)- $71
A diagrram of carbide roughing chisel tooth arrangements styles and lengths
No Teeth
No Teeth
A Teeth +$10
B Teeth +$10
C Teeth +$10
D - Rondel +$5
E Teeth +$10
F Teeth +$10
G Teeth +$10
H Teeth +$10
Engraving? + $8
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Product Description

Roughing Chisels feature heavier-duty carbide tips for more aggressive material removal. These chisels are best suited for hard stone and used in our larger Pneumatic Hammers. Please note teeth shown below on 3/4in blade. Number of teeth will vary on narrower or wider blades; for example, a 1/2in wide blade with with B teeth will have 3 teeth & a 1in wide blade with B teeth will have 5 teeth.

Product Features
  • Heavier-duty carbide for aggressive material removal
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