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Carbide Marble Cutting Chisels

3/4in (19mm) Blade- $53
CMC#34-12 -
3/4in (19mm) Blade- $53
CMC#1-12 -
1in (25mm) Blade- $55
CMC#114-12 -
1-1/4in (32mm) Blade- $57
CMC#112-12 -
1-1/2in (38mm) Blade- $64
CMC#2-12 -
2in (51mm) Blade- $71
CMC#212-12 -
2-1/2in (63mm) Blade- $79
CMC#3-12 -
3in (76mm) Blade- $90
A drawn diagram of carbide marble cutting chisel tooth arrangements styles and lengths
No Teeth
No Teeth
A -
A Teeth +$10
B -
B Teeth +$10
C -
C Teeth +$10
D -
D Rondel +$5
E -
E Teeth +$10
F -
F Teeth +$10
G -
G Teeth +$10
H -
H Teeth +$10
Engraving? + $8
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Product Description

Available as flats or tooth chisels, the Marble Cutting Chisels are a lighter weight chisel designed for use on marble and softer stone; even the widest blade width is light enough for use with the smaller air tools. Add teeth to the Marble Cutting Chisel for more aggressive materials removal when working with softer types of stone, or to create a textured finish.

Product Features
  • Blade widths from 3/4in (19mm) to 3in (76mm)
  • 1/2in (13mm) Stock
  • 1/2in (13mm) Shanks
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