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Carbide Hand Sets

1in Stock with 1-1/8in Blade (29mm)- $83
CHS1118 -
1in Stock with 1-1/8in Blade (29mm)- $83
CHS1112 -
1in Stock with 1-1/2in Blade (38mm)- $100
CHS12 -
1in Stock with 2in Blade (51mm)- $121
CHS1182 -
1-1/8in Stock with 2in Blade (51mm)- $129
CHS118214 -
1-1/8in Stock with 2-1/4in Blade (57mm)- $134
CHS118212 -
1-1/8in Stock with 2-1/2in Blade (64mm)- $138
CHS1183 -
1-1/8in Stock with 3in Blade (76mm)- $148
CHS1184 -
1-1/8in Stock with 4in Blade (102mm)- $176
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Product Description

Use the Hand Set for trimming stone to size when the surface is relatively flat. This chisel features two usable blades for rockfacing, squaring and pitching stone.

Product Video
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